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3 Video Types that Any Essential Business Should Create

Almost every business knows it needs a video, but a lot of them don't know what kind of video they need or where it should be placed. We've outlined 3 essential types of videos for your business, what they should include, and where they should go once they've been produced.

1. Video introducing your brand.

We see this video being requested the most often, and this is often what people mean by "I need a video." The objective of this video is to convince customers to shop with YOU. The best way to do this is to determine the why of your business. When determining your video's message, consider the following factors.

  • How are you different from your competitors? Can you offer better pricing, better quality, better value, or better support?

  • Why did you start this company? You may need to do some soul searching if the answer is only to make money. More often than not, there is a deeper reason for starting it. For Example; we established Micheaux Media & Marketing Productions to help businesses grow and share their experiences with their communities. Every day, we strive to fulfill that goal.

Be specific with your answers. Your brand may have more than one why, but pick the one that is most impactful and concentrate on it. Chances are, the other reasons back up your main "why," and you can use them to help make your message clear.

Featured videos on your social channels, especially YouTube, are ideal for your homepage and other high-profile locations. Videos like this can be used in ads, but they will be most effective in a shorter form.

2. Product/service video

Despite being overlooked, these videos are vital to your website. Here, we're focusing on why the client wants that specific product (not your overall brand) and how it will improve their life. Typically, a product/service relieves a specific pain point for the customer. The greater the pain point, the more likely a customer will purchase.

Nevertheless, be clear in your why and support it with any other reasons rather than confounding your message.

Video of this type is best used for product/service pages, social media channels, and shorter versions can be used as advertisements. Instead of fitting multiple products/services into one video, we recommend doing a video for each service/product.

3. Ongoing video content

Having mastered these videos, it's now time to start planning your ongoing video marketing strategy. Videos can serve a variety of purposes, but education is the best place to start. When deciding on your ongoing video content, consider some of the following questions based on your customers and industry.

  • Is it useful? Is it easy to use?

  • Do you have a user-friendly app? Do you have a website?

  • During a consultation, what questions do you ask?

  • When purchasing a product or service, what questions should I ask?

  • Does the product have an alternative? Is it worth considering?

  • When considering your service, is cheaper always better?

  • What made other customers choose you?

  • Determine what questions your customers ask and answer them in videos. They are probably also searching the internet for answers if they ask you these questions. Don't you think it would be great if they reached out to you first?

Blogs, social media, and YouTube channels generally use these types of videos.

In addition to the three videos listed above, you can create many more, but if you do not have them yet, start with them to maximize conversion rates and drive additional traffic to your site. Until you are ready to create shorter content that is compelling in 30 seconds or less, you can use all of these videos as advertisements. And remember A Picture Say A Thousand Words But Video Tells You What It Is.

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