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Why Brands Shouldn't Be Afraid Of Video Marketing


Scrolling through social media feeds, it's hard not to notice the increasing popularity of videos. Not too long ago, videos weren't as prevalent as images or text posts, and platforms like Facebook didn't even support animated images. However, times have changed, and video content is now considered the most effective marketing strategy. Not only does it convey the message much more quickly, but it is also another way to build a connection with your audience based on the content you make. 


Video content is engaging and interactive and captures the viewer's attention like no other form of media. With the added benefit of monetization, it's no wonder that businesses and marketers are turning to video content to drive better results and engagement.


Despite the marketing advancement that professional video content provides, some may be hesitant to pull the trigger because cost and lack of knowledge may be the reasons people stray away from video content marketing. We at Micheaux Media & Marketing Productions are here to dispel these hesitations. 


Whether you are a high-level marketing executive or a small business owner, you’ve probably faced the challenge of where to put your focus. What type of content do you want to create for engagement that will drive better results? Video content shouldn't be difficult to create; it's a lot easier than you think. Once you understand your service or product, audience, brand, and audience, creating a process is easy to optimize. 

Video content is a great way to create ads and organic content. The goal of any piece of content is to always generate higher exposure and drive engagement. As a video marketing agency, Micheaux Media & Marketing Productions's job is to create high-quality, interesting content around conversation topics, products, services, and anything else you need or want to promote.

There is a consensus that producing good video content is expensive. That’s not 100 percent wrong, but in the world we live in today, it’s also not right. While working with a video marketing agency like MXMMP, there are many other tools and services that can generate great results, including automatic video editing algorithms. Just look at all the “vloggers” out there working with cellphone cameras, DSLR cameras, and easy-access video editing software you can all install.

The content you want to focus on should follow a few basic steps:

1. The product

In many cases, it takes more than a minute for viewers to understand the main message of videos online. From the start, your viewers should understand what you are talking about—what product, service, or subject you are trying to promote. If you can cut or re-edit your video to convey the message in 15-20 seconds, your job is done.

2. The Call to Action

Any marketing activity should follow this rule. Who is the viewer supposed to be? What do you want them to do? You should ask yourself this question and ensure that your script and motion are appropriate for the call to action. Make it as clear as possible. For example: “Look us up on Facebook now!”

3. The Setting 

Take a moment to look at the setting for the scene you're planning on shooting. You can get inspiration from other videos if you're doing it yourself or without a production professional. Whatever the content, the setting is what separates a great video from a cheap, amateur one.

Identify the right setting for your scenario. The frame can be anything; just make sure it looks good. Make sure the lights, sounds, and background are in focus.

You can produce a good-looking video on the newer cell phones available today; most of them can shoot in 4K quality. You can hook them up with a Bluetooth microphone or a small boom connected to the phone mic, purchase a cheap gimbal (stabilizer), and that’s pretty much it.

Those with greater experience who still work alone can purchase interior light fixtures or reflectors for use in daylight outdoor photography. These attachments may all be bought for a reasonable price these days. Working with a professional is recommended for more intricate productions. Search for freelancers or small businesses online. You'll be shocked at how much you can get by on a tiny budget.

The basic fact is that, when done correctly, video can produce superior results since it is frequently more captivating and entertaining. It's something to embrace rather than run from. Use the primary media format of today to connect with your audience. As a marketer or business owner, this is your responsibility. Whether you choose to hire a agency like MXMMP or you chose to pick up a camera phone to record, don't be scare just create.

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